Mahee team is expertise in telecom OSS/BSS for service providers. Expert team of professionals who worked extensively with industry leading telecom solution companies in rolling out solutions in telecom inventory management, order management, mediation and service activation.


Mahee team expertise in developing and providing maintenance support for Operation Support Systems (OSS), Business Support Systems (BSS) and Network Support Systems (NSS).


Business support system deals with getting business. It hosts the ordering pages, has expert agents who can guide people while ordering equipment or requesting new connections to bring business or new orders into the system.

Operational support systems have components like the customer database, interfaces to other systems which can do billing of the services provided, provide actual telecom service (voice or data). An OSS is just a support system and can't provide the voice or data service, but it is the most crucial system in the architecture, as the entire database of the customers is held with it like hosting an interface which sends the customer data to Alcatel or SIP, which provide the actual voice and data service to customers, and also the OSS has to receive CDR's (Call data records) to bill the customers. Although the billing part is handled the billing system, the data to the billing system is provided by the OSS.

Mahee team expertise in

  • Order management operations
  • Regulated order management for North America
  • Service activation and management
  • Inventory modeling and reporting
  • Integration with upstream systems like CRM.
  • Integration with downstream systems like activation gadgets, communication with switches, routers or any network equipment
  • Integration with leading middleware solutions

Network support system has components which take of the underlying network and can have software's which monitor the network and intimate the fault management systems of the fault. The NSS software's are configured to interact with ticketing systems, which raise incidents to network agents who are responsible to correct the faults.

  • Automatic network discovery
  • Inventory management
  • Equipment monitoring and alert management
  • Fault management and reporting
  • Firmware upgrades