Consulting & Training

Services for the Mobile Enterprise

Today's workplace is now undeniably a mobile enterprise. Anytime, anywhere transactions and a blurring of lines between corporate and individual can make your IT organization feel like it has lost control. For all the good that comes with mobilizing your workforce, there are challenges: maintaining security and compliance, managing multiple device platforms and addressing complex mobile requirements.


To be successful in embracing mobile for driving revenue growth, you must have an integrated strategy for mobile, cloud, social business and security. MaheeCS provides companies with the service of building essential tools to take advantage of new business opportunities being enabled by mobile. In addition to meeting mobile-specific requirements, the portfolio leverages deep technology services for rapid integration between social and cloud services as well as back-end technologies that help secure and manage strategic processes.

MaheeCS can help your staff develop the right strategy and governance and deliver a wide range of mobile enterprise services to create a more productive, connected workplace.

Services for the Field Service Management (FSM)

MaheeCS FSM solution is an industry standard FSM product designed and developed to cater the needs of various industry and organizations. It includes a system for the back office management and the mobile interface for the technician to perform updates from the field. Portal interfaces to be designed for the subcontractors, technicians and customers to access and review the status of their respective information.


MaheeCS provides additional consulting service in each of the functional area and integrated systems

  • Business requirements
  • Back Office management system
  • Mobile field service application
  • Partner networks
  • Accounting integration
  • A customer management capability that includes account, selling, technical support and customer portal
  • End-to-end parts management
  • Dispatching and workforce optimization
  • Integrated mobile enterprise applications